Visit Site was one of the main projects I was working on for about a year and a half while in college. I gave it up and sold it after getting my first full-time web design job, but definitely regret letting it go. Luckily, it hasn’t been touched since, and is still the same site it was when I built it.

It’s a super simple and free resume generator. You type in your information, and it generates you a well-designed PDF resume.

I started it as just a proof-of-concept to see if I could generate a PDF (for another unrelated project), but after sharing version 1 with some friends, they told me to buy a domain and put it up, so I did. It got some traction, and reached the #1 spot on Product Hunt, which was insane.


After that, it was picked up by a few publications, including Lifehacker, the Muse, Inc. Magazine, and more. KTLA morning news in Los Angeles even did a segment on it on the morning show.


It was a super fun project to work on, and I’d like to revive it under a different name soon, so keep an eye out here.