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Cabinet is my current work-in-progress side project.

After Apple released their latest-generation underwhelming Macbooks, I decided it was time for me to switch back to Windows.

It took me a while, but I got used to it again, and found replacement programs for most of the software I used on Mac – except Sketch 🙁


One thing I cannot get over, though, is the Windows File Explorer. The MacOS Finder is a million times better. Since there are no good alternatives for Windows, I’m attempting to make one.


Right now it works, but doesn’t have many features. You can navigate through folders, move files, and preview files (highlight them and hit space, just like MacOS) but not much more. I’m slowly working on it, so new features will be coming. It’s also open-source, so feel free to hit the link above to GitHub and start tweaking it yourself.


It’s built on Electron using HTML, CSS/LESS, and Javascript.